Kalin Hotel, Lazaropole - You won’t believe your eyes!

Panoramic view

Center of the village Lazaropole

Tradionioal house building

Nature surrounding

When traveling from Skopje via Tetovo and Gostivar and continuing to Mavrovo, you are entering a picturesque canyon of the river Radika leading to Debar. Passing by the impressive monastery St. Joan the Baptist the road reaches to the crossroad known as Boshkov Most, only several kilometers near Debar. Here turning left by well asphalt road at approximately 5 km you start mounting by winding road leading you to the heights of the mountain Bistra.

Already feeling like you have reached the skies, at a height of 1.350 meters above the sea level, a vast plateau widens in front of you, where at its rocky components, two and three floor houses appear, build of stone and reminding on middle-aged fortresses.

In the heart of such precise architectural organization welcomes you Kalin Hotel in Lazaropole.

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