The curch St.George

Part of the church interior

Icons - unique landmarks

Lazaropole is situated on a plateau at Mount Bistra and is a mountain heaven in Macedonia. The mild mountain climate due to the thermal influences of the Mediterranean which extend along the river of Radika is a reason for Lazaropole to have over 2000 sunny hours per year. The abundant forests as a natural filter purify the air to the level of crystal clarity. As a result, Lazaropole is officially registered as a location with the freshest air on the Balkan Peninsula.

The village church of St. Gjorgi as unique landmark accompanies the pictorial sight of the village of Lazaropole. It is built in 1841 with colossal dimensions and surrounded by fortress walls of carved stone four meters high. The interior of the church is a masterwork of the famous local Dimitrie Perkoski (Dicho Zograf), from the mijach village Tresonche.

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